Business Enrichment

Business Skills that will help you:
- Get a good job
- Increase your skill set to increase your salary
- Open your own business

Learn the principles of business acumen based on a course with a proven track record that has helped many students successfully enter the world of trade and commerce. Course schedules run for a duration of 5 months, involving 2 to 3 classes a week in Lakewood, with a remote option for out-of-town students.
Course Location:
Lakewood, Remote Option for Out-of-Town
Course Duration:
2-3 nights a week, 4-5 months
Job Placement Advantage:


This course provides a broad overview of many key concepts and skills necessary for business success. Students that complete the program become more qualified and confident, empowered to impress employers and increase their salary, start their own business, or embark on a new career. 

Partial Listing of Topics:
  • Computers (Microsoft Office)
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Presentation Skills
  • Marketing
  • Financing
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Purchasing a Business
  • E-Commerce
  • Negotiation
  • Management
  • Business Law
  • Risk Management
  • Money Management
  • Business Plan
  • Business Logistics
  • Quickbooks
  • Investments
  • Real Estate
  • Health Care
  • Import Export
  • Manufacturing
  • Online Marketing

Business Enrichment 

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